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to remember that still in the vast majority of states, four out of five states, the people have chosen to either vote themselves or their elected representatives to stick with traditional marriage. >> we definitely look guard to having a real actual legal marriage. definitely. >> chris and sandy say they have been through this twice now. they married in 2004 when the city and down i have to san francisco began issuing marriage licenses. but after they exchanged their vows they were notified their marriage had been voided. in 2008 they didn't larry for fear it would be revoked. they were right. six months later prop 8 passed. so now they wait again. this time with hope. >> today is a great day because we can see the potential for a really good outcome, but there is also the possibility of something different happening. so, we have to continue to temper our hopes and dreams a
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little longer. >> reporter: the supreme court will likely hear the arguments in march and have a decision by the end of june. there are nine justices. it is entirely possible they have nine differ opinions. one thing is for sure, this is an historic moment. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. not only will the supreme court hear the prop 8 case but also a challenge to the national defense of marriage act. >> they've got to solve this as a national level because it's just too much administrative confusion right now. who gets health benefits. who can visit who in the hospital. all of these, which marriage counts. all of these questions. >> lori little calls it an historic time for the supreme court, a decision that is as big as brown versus the board of education which said separate schools for black and white students was unconstitutional. >> this is equivalent to the supreme court take on one of the most devicive sort of
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exciting constitutional questions of this generation and deciding that they have to issue an opinion on this. >> so, for now gay marriages in california remain on hold. >> that stays in place and will stay in place until they issue their decision which probably won't be until june. gay couples in san francisco's castro district are cautiously optimistic the nation's high court will rule in their favor. cbs 5 spoke with a number of them about the court's decision today. >> i think it will be a close call. the supreme court may be a 5-4 split depending on how kennedy comes down. >> i was married in san francisco in '04, which was very historic. i'm divorced now and i deserve the freedom to divorce. >> that's like the easy way
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out. >> public opinion seems to be shifting towards acceptance of same sex marriage. in 2011 rare salmon gallop poll found for the first time majority of americans support it. >> the battle over same sex marriage has a unique story here in california. we were only the second state to allow it and the only state to then ban it. it began in san francisco back in 2004. over a period of mount, san francisco issued some 4,000 marriage licenses under the direction of the then mayor newsom, but the practice was outlawed with the passage of prop 8 in 2008. that ban was later ruled unconstitutional. same sex marriages will remain on hold until this case is finally settled by the supreme court. for more on today's announcement and reaction, two to people in san jose are getting a little something extra with their utility bills. not an extra charge or promotion, but as cbs 5's reporter len ramirez shows us, police officers aren't too happy about it. >> for 200,000 households in
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san jose it came in the mail. >> we have to think creatively and cost effectively. >> they are talking about an insert her office enclosed ared in garbage and water bills for san jose residents that solicits complaints act san jose police officers and provides contact information for her office to follow up. >> we are required to get information out about our office and let people know that if they do have a complaint or concern about san jose police officers, we are the people to call. >> when we mess up and we d we're human. we expect to be held accountable. we don't have a problem with the system in place. >> but, the police union does have a problem with the method and time. with murders matching a 20 year high and police response times getting longer, union officers say the city should be mailing out crime watch information and witness hotlines. >> the message they should be sending is your police department is depleting scene getting worse. our response times are going
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up. crime is going. moral has plummeted. we have another six officers that walked out the door just this week. nine more officers are going to be resigning by the end of this month, and this is the type of thing the city sends out. it is just insult to injury >> it is another example of the animosity of city hall and its police officers over pension reform. citizens like eddie gail says it is high time the two sides settle their differences. >> i'm not saying she is right or wrong or this the officers are right or wrong. i am saying there needs to be respect on both sides. >> reporter: delay do have an internal affairs unit where officers investigate officers. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. in richmond, police are telling people to keep an eye out for this guy. investigators say this is the same suspect from two different
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kidnappings and rapes. police also think he tried to attack another woman last month. all of the attacks have happened near 23rd street in richmond. in oakland, police say a man plunged during last night's raiders game, it was accident. the he climbed over the wall outside the third deck, hung briefly from the railing and then dropped 30 feet. he is now in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland. in livermore, they have been open less than a month and the outlet already has a new name and new owner. sun ridge property group said it acquired the outlet which is home to 130 stores. the price was not released. the new owners have already changed the name to livermore valley premium outlet. bullying at school. more troubling is what happened when the two girls spoke up. girls tell us they are being
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bullied, even physically threatened at school and the district and school aren't doing anything about it. watch what we found when we checked into it. >> the school sign proclaims in bold letters be safe, responsible, respectful. but keep elementary is anything but according to these two fifth graders. >> they punch us, they slap us. >> samantha and autumn say they are constantly bullied in school by two brothers. >> they take our snacks. >> it started last year. >> their parents say they knew there was a problem. >> my daughter coming home crying telling me she is being called names, tramp, whore, slut. >> but the bullying got worse. >> he said i know where you live. i was like how. at that time i looked at his hand and i could see a pocket might have. >> got to the point where a child pulled a knife on our
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daughter. we weren't aware of it. >> samantha was too scared to tell but said she did report the incident to her principal. >> there is a lot of things that have happened we don't know about and we're not privy to it because they say it is confidential. if you're not communicating to me how am i to help my child. >> autumn's mother feels the same way. >> my child has made complaints and we have. >> she says the school solution was to keep the girls inside for recess which just made things worse. >> my husband was in the room talking to her and found a crumpled up piece of paper. he looked at it and it was a suicide letter. >> autumn said it was a recent incident in class. >> i felt this movement on my desk. he was pumping my desk. i didn't feel safe. i went home crying. i didn't want to -- i don't know. i really didn't want to -- honestly i didn't want to live that day. >> can you see what the boys
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are doing? >> yeah. >> and nobody is stopping them is this. >> we saw similar things going on during the playground during a recent undercover visit. the final straw for the girls' parents was this torn sweatshirt. samantha says the boys were chasing her and tried to gab her. with no answers from the school or district both parents took the matter to police >> the police report reveal the alleged bullies admit to shoving the girls and making sexually suggestive comments. we wanted to ask the principal about it but she didn't want to talk to us. the school district didn't want to talk to us either but sent us a statement saying the safety of our students is extremely important, but this bullying expert says. >> the school is not getting to the root of the problem. >> he watched this video. >> if that is true, it is a hostile environment and the courts are trying to get high schools to remedy this or they
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suffer damage. >> obviously i didn't want to live that day. >> if you hear a child saying this you have to investigate it. there are some tax cuts don't stop and do take their life. >> it seems like a culture of this. >> samantha and autumn hope they can make a difference by speaking out. >> we don't want other kids to feel the same way that we're feeling. >> now, the girls' parents say they allowed their daughters to go on camera because they thought it was important for them to speak out. police have told them the investigation will go to the district attorney next week. >> just breaks my heart. what about the boys and their family? >> we did look into that. we are told they are being raised by their dad and he is disabled. according to the police report which we have he says the school never informed him what the boys were targeting the girls and through the disdepartment, dana, he told us he does not want to comment.
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>> all right. >> we're going to stay on i. we have heard from one other parent in that district too, now. >> thank you for bringing this to light. >> you bet. >> they told me i would never walk again, i might not ever talk again. but now he's doing both and thanks to a local group he's driving, too. how they're providing a little freedom to the men and women who fought for all. a rare sighting in the aftermath of our recent storms where a salmon has suddenly appeared after a 50 year absence. sunshine has been a rare sighting, but it did come back. a beautiful evening in san jose. here is a live look outside. what are the prospects for more. i'll have your forecast coming up.
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veterans, the transition frm service to civilian life cae a ro for some service members,
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especially combat veterans, the transition can be a pretty rough road. but one auto body shop is doing what it can to help returning vets get a little traction. >> marine sergeant is starting up his new ride, a 2006 chrysler 300 donated by the recycle rides program. >> i drove home and then i will drive back to san diego sunday. >> he was actually looking for a car and was chose% a data base on needs. >> we chose to help military
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veterans. >> no one is more deserving of this donated toyota carolla than jordan stevenson. >> i was injured last december. i got shot in the left side of my head. >> jordan was shot in afghanistan. >> they told me i would never walk again, i might not ever talk again and i can stand here and talk to you now. >> he is still working bark from his head injury which paralyzed his body. >> just reenlisted. >> for another six years >> never in a million years did think that would happen. >> i'll get better. i'm going beat it. i'm not going to let them win. >> these are just the first of two cars that this body shop has refurbished. they hope to do it at least once a month. reporting from san francisco, cbs 5. a rare sighting in a berkeley creek has biologist
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really excited. this 24-inch chinook salmon has been spotted in a creek along the berkeley albany border. fish biologists say it is a first time chinook salmon has been seen in that creek in about a half a century. they also think the efforts the resore the creek are paying off. >> i will not go near the creek. i promise. >> no. if there is one, there's more. >> yes. >> reporter: mother nature will take care of us this week. you know what, you deserve this after many, many cloudy days. we had a beautiful sunny at the same time san jose, you had 64. 59degrees is your high today. doppler radar, ground clutter offshore. we're going to have nothing but nice weather for the next four days. right on through the weekend,
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storm track for portland and seattle, they will get rain and mountain snow. for us, we will get a lot of sunshine. you get sunshine saturday, sunday. the top of next week, mornings will be chilly. the afternoons will be nice and mild and sunny. sunny all the way through. starting wednesday we will be getting a little colder. that is still four days away. livermore, 62. san jose 63. low 60s for concord and santa rosa. 61degrees milder on sunday. beautiful monday and tuesday. cooler weather starting wednesday with highs back down in the 50s. roberta, something this evening? >> it is my favorite tame of the year where channel 5 for the past 10 years have welcomed food for bay area families into the art studio. joining us tonight paw lori from black hawk and regina rogers all from black rock. then we have someone from the san francisco food bank who are
6:18 pm
you? >> lucy. >> you're so cute. another adorable child just entered the room. >> lucas. my name is lucas. >> hi. thanks for joining us today. came with a very special big check tonight. >> indeed. thank you roberta. pleasure to be representing black rock with aaron and regina. we are here to present to the san francisco food bank a check for $25,000. >> whoa. $25,000. we need a round of [applause] for that. leslie, how many people will this feed? >> we will be able to turn that $25,000 into 75,000 meals that will go to people in need right here in our community for the holidays. >> that is wonderful. i hear all the employees of black rock are tremendous volunteers. eyewitness news continues.
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we'll be right back. >> that's awesome. >> many miles away in home with no one to contact or ask for help. a bay area church group robbed of everything minutes after arriving in florida. how a local sports team came to the rescue. ,, you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here,
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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but a bay area church groupa trip to florida has learnede hard way...people do. oung people were on their way from the airport o the bank when they stopped o grab a bite to eat at a fort lauderdale restaurant. that's when thieves broke io their van... stole 12- thoud dollars in cash... along with their luggage and i-d'. "it's not that you stole our money and the amount of mony that you stole, but you stoe dreams you stole those thins that we wanted to do you had just left not just me but yu have left many people rightw without shelter, without fo" the group is no longer strad without money... today, they
6:22 pm
were surprised with a 15-thousand dollar gift froe miami dolphins. in the vineyards and farms f sonoma county, there's a ple that saves lives.. hanna boys center is a school fors ed.. or hurt.. o the bible says thou shall not steal, but a bay area church group on a trip to florida has learned the hard way that people do. the 24 young people were on tear way to the airport and then to the bank when they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. tax cuts' when thieves broke into -- that's when thieves broke in and stole $12,000 of cash along with their luggage and i.d.s. >> it is not that you stole the money. the amount of money that you stole, you stole dreams. you stole those things that we wanted to. do you had just left not just me, but you have left many people right now without a shelter, without food
6:23 pm
>> the group is no longer stranded without money, though, because today they were surprised with a $15,000 gift from the miami dolphins. in the vineyards and farms, there is a place that saves lives. a school for boys who are troubled or hurt or in the case of our student rising above tonight, both. introduce. >> good morning boys center. >> that is nick lions on the left anchoring the hannah boys center news. >> we are going to have chicken. >> good grades, college bound. hard to believe this is the same kid who came here from juvenile hall in ninth grade. >> i would have to describe nick's arrival here at hannah as one of a broken human being. >> i was giving up. i was done. >> his parents were addicted to drugs. nick is the toddler on the left. his parents would leave the children alone for days. one time in a motel. >> we didn't have any money. we had video games which kind of kept us busy. it wasn't really. >> what did you do for food?
6:24 pm
>> we didn't have any food. >> they moved every few months. then, one day, their parents took them to their grandparents in oak ridge. >> they dropped us off and said they would be back and they never came back. they left all four of us up there. >> they became wards of the court. two foster homes and then in their third placement, nick was in and out of juvenile hall. his sister and brother ran away. >> there is times when i was at home when i wished i was in juvenile hall because i ended up making friends in juvenile hall. >> and then he came to hannah. his intake photo says it all. >> he was very difficult to work with because i don't think he had any trust. >> i was in fights. i was suspended. >> the arguments were everyday and multiple times throughout
6:25 pm
the day. >> then one day, something clicked. it was after another argument with a supervisor of the cottage. >> i ended up apologizing to him the -- she told me obviously things would need to change if i wanted to stay at hannah. >> it was almost like a lightbulb moment. after that it was just remarkable. >> it felt like it was literally overnight. one day you had a kid getting kicked out of three, four classes a at the same time the next day you had a kid who was just trying really hard to be a standout student. >> i decided i was going to do something successful with my life. i wanted to lead my life rather than have my life lead me. >> nick began to learn how to connect with people and slowly how to trust. i knew he had to care and i saw it. >> say say -- they say nick, you are doing great.
6:26 pm
>> he is even on the school basketball team. even with the support, it is not easy for kid with no parents. >> over the past few holiday he's had no where to go. >> having hannah be his home and still want to try and put his absolute best foot forward each and everyday. >> ah nick. >> it feels really. go-- good. when i get a b i get upset >> before we g i'm nick lions. see you next time. >> this holiday season consider helping nick and children like him go to college. go to students rising to find out how. bad news for b.a.r.t riders. why you might want to change your commute if possible because it could save you money. optimism from the white house but still no deal. what the republicans are demanding now to avert the fiscal cliff. and, remembering the day that will live in infamy. the ceremonies remembering the attack on pearl harbor 71 years ago today. ,,,,,,,,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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have to shell out more to re bart...even before you get n board. the price for parking has as been reasonable at bart stations. from free, to 5 bucks max. but that all could change very soon. cbs 5 reporter da lin with w bart riders have a say in te matter. da. reporter intro: this san leo bart parking lot fills up ey morningâ for busy stations like this one in the east b, some bart officials want to
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6:31 pm
now at 6:30, it's conjoint, it is a cost saver but -- conjoint, it is a cost saver but you may have to shell out more for b.a.r.t. the price for parking has been free to 5 buck max. that could all change very soon. da lin with how b.a.r.t riders may have a say in the matter. d. >> reporter: that's right. they are actually taking public opinion. they want to increase the cost at local b.a.r.t stations and they want to know what people think about that. >> riding b.a.r.t could soon cost you more for parking, that is. right now most b.a.r.t parking lots charm between a dollar and $2 depending on the location. the b.a.r.t officials are looking at increasing the parking rates based on demand. lots that fill up during the busy morning commute would see an increase of .50 cents with the possibility of another .50 increase if demand remains
6:32 pm
high. we asked b.a.r.t why charge more. >> to keep b.a.r.t clean and reliable and safe without having to raise fares. >> this student says it will add to her financial burden. brenda lopez already pays about $200 a month to take b.a.r.t to san francisco state, and that's not counting parking. she says adding another .50 a day would really hurt her budget. >> it would just make it difficult for students like myself that already found it a little difficult, plus budget cuts with school. >> some passengers also agree the proposal is a bad idea, considering b.a.r.t parking lots used to be free. >> omg. i have to get an extra job now. >> b.a.r.t reports a quarter of their passengers park at its 33 parking lots. some riders say even with the increase it would still be a great deal. >> can't even be a cup of coffee for a dollar, so it is very reasonable. >> the reality is i need to get to downtown san pranks so i'm going to pay it. >> reporter: part is asking people to take an online survey. you can find it on our website cbsf doing click on the news link. the b.a.r.t board of directors will vote net spring. i am da lin cbs 5. turns out soup r. storm sandy didn't have -- super storm sandy didn't have as much of age pact on employment as economist had expected. the government says the storm played only a minimal role as the economy added 150,000 jobs. the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%, and that is a .2% drop.
6:33 pm
but those numbers were helped by people who stopped look for work and were not counted as unemployed. on wall street, the dow is up 81 points. the s&p 500 edged up four. however, the nasdaq dropped 11 points. the edge of the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. only 25 days away and going over it threatens to ruin the holidays for millions of americans. cbs reporter danielle nottingham says republicans are waiting for the president to make the next move. >> vice president joe biden at lunch with middle class americans who will take a $2,000 hit if their tax cuts expire at the end of the year. >> this is no time to add any additional burden. >> while the white house is pushing congress to renew middle class tax cuts, the president says he won't take any deal that extends tax cuts for the wealthiest americans.
6:34 pm
honor of the pearl harbor ak this is the only night of te year the beacon will shine. hared their fi >> it would take 15 minutes by the time the decision is made by the speaker of the house to pass and make permanent the middle class tax cut. >> both are waiting to talk to president obama and house
6:35 pm
speaker boehner. here on capital here hill boehner says he is still waiting on the white house to respond to the latest proposal. >> this isn't a progress report because there is no progress to report. to >> republicans are offering to extend tax breaks for all americans, close tax loopholes and cut nearly $1.5 trillion in spending. >> i came out the day after election to put revenues on the tame to take a step toward the president to try to resolve this. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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you made it. it is weekend time, and i can vouch for both weather and traffic. weather thumbs up. traffic, thumb's down. here is a live look outside. we have mainly clear skies and mainly congested roads. beautiful weather, though.
6:38 pm
also in the south bay we're looking good. we are cooling down quickly. many of you will be in the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. concord you will be one of those spots down to 51. san jose, 56 degrees. ground clutter being picked up by our radar. there was no rainfall for 400 miles from san francisco. the south bay is looking great. sunnyvale, looking graph maybe you're going skiing. that is something you couldn't do last year because of our snow pack. this year is so much better. 87 from normal is our snow pack. now let's talk about the reason your furnace will be turning over several times tonight. concord 39. we will drop down to 39 tonight in santa rosa. watch out for fog in the valley in the north bay and east bay. the overall weather picture is a very pleasant one if you like sunshine and most of us do. we will have plenty of sunshine
6:39 pm
the next couple days. the reason why, the big dome acting like a bouncer not allowing any of these storms to get anywhere close to northern california. it is shoving it around the high pressure which means snow for washington and northwestern oregon but not for us. the storm track stays away. we will have chilly mornings with clear skies. highs well into the 60s all the way until tuesday of next week. that's how long we will be sunny as well. so, you will have morning fog away from the bit. next week we will see a pattern change but not until next wednesday. it will get a little cloudier, a little bit wetter, but much colder. enjoy the warm while you have it. average high, oakland, you normally hit 58 this time of year. instead, 63. concord, you're normally 53. tomorrow 61. san jose 63. redwood city, low 60s. the trivalley in the low 60s.
6:40 pm
pittsburgh antioch, low 60s. berkeley 62 for you tomorrow. coupledegrees milder on sunday with mainly sunny skies. we will stay mild monday and tuesday. there is your pattern change. chance of a couple showers. nothing too big there, but it will be much cooler with highs to mid to upper 50s. great news to report with our ski report. in heavenly, no new snow. a 50-inch lift there. kirkwood, with a 38 to 48-inch space. 60inches of show. a lot of showing, a -- snow. a lot of showing this weekend. enjoy your weekend. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here in person... wile at at&t longer an baseball up top. next time you see brandon mccarthy pitch here in person it will be at att park.
6:44 pm
no longer an oakland athletics. this scary skull fracture last season that he suffered, he is my an arizona diamondback. he gets reunited with former a trevor dayhill. two seasons with the a's. very quickly to basketball. the warriors lead the nets late in the game. story coming up on the late show. you never know who you might bump into at a raider game. actor/producer marlin wayons. >> you must have some game growing up. you do a lot of physical comedy. >> physical comedy had to do. it is a lot of work. we're athletes. we just don't have the cool that they have. i look really awkward. they can't fall like i fall. me, i can snap and twist and i will be fine. see this? if that happened to one of
6:45 pm
them, they would be out for the season. >> just spend little time in the black hole if you want that. you'll get plenty. >> look, i'm blanch they turn me white. i'm like excuse me. i'm sorry. excuse me one second. i'm sorry. go raiders. >> all right. the 49ers and dolphins square off sunday. 1:00p.m. right here on cbs 5. tune in to the fifth quarter after the game with myself, dennis o'donnell, jeremy newb erry for a full recap. boxing, you would think manmy pakqaoi will be tide of his opponent tomorrow night. the pakqaoi has won the last two. the first was a draw. they weighed in today. >> 143 pounds. marquez. 147pounds manny pacqaoi. >> it is a rarity in box that
6:46 pm
two boxers will face off against each other four times. all three previous matches for fiercely contested and the two rivals hope to finally settle the score tomorrow in vegas at the mgm. we'll be right back.
6:47 pm
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th cause that was a tough commercial break because we have to do this. not an easy day around the cbs 5 newsroom today. we say good bye to our friend dana king. that's why you're here with us. >> yeah. we never as news people want to make the news, right, guys? >> right. >> sometimes it is inevitable. dana, as you probably have read and may have seen on other broadcast is leaving to pursue her art full time. she is an accomplished artist, to say the least. so, this is a day that we say thank you dana, and to celebrate. for all of us and for all of you who watch every night, here's a look back. >> can you imagine the bay area without the 49ers? >> that newscast never got on the air. >> now, channel 5. >> it was dana king's audition for a job at channel 5. >> i'm dana king
6:50 pm
>> even the prompter operator remembers saying hey, i think we just found our new anchor. the year was 1997 >> i'm dana king. he had offered favorable coverage to mayor brown. coming up next, the frightening scene. >> some of dana's best work would come when she unplugged from the anchor tex and stepped into the field and often into the world's most dangerous situations. >> we're going to try to go into this building to see what's left. >> after the vicious onslaught of hurricane mitch, dana was determined to tell the stories of those who couldn't tell their own. she traveled to honduras to report on rescues and relief, tragedy and tenacity. >> that took her to transference creek albania and other places to tell the
6:51 pm
stories of refugees driven from their home by war. >> darkness has fallen on ground zero. >> and dana was on the second private plenipo leave the west coast for new york, the first bay area broadcast journalist at ground zero. and she wanted nothingless than a front row seat when the u.s. struck back at terrorism, reporting from on board the uss abraham lincoln in the persian gulf. she shied away from nothing, not even genocide >> there are 120,000 inmates in the 13 prisons. later that year she spent 10 days in afghanistan. >> what would you like people to know back mt.bay area? >> the reports covered the upcoming presidential election, security and the crease faltering steps toward stability. a trip to northern iraq was next. dana wanted the bay area to meet the kurd s, once sadam hue
6:52 pm
sane's victims, know thriving in a nearly independent region. when she took viewers to ghana it was so they could meet the recent past. first world electronics with the third world landscape and the distance past. >> a lot of people today were from the bay area. >> back in the u.s. it was a look at the future. the inauguration of america's first black president, and a look at how far we've come 20 years, but no matter where she was, dana was always on her own path. >> that hair. >> she's notorious for update her do. >> day ma cannot keep a hair style for more than three weeks. it is enough to drive our promo people crazy. >> then it was more than about sometime it was about color, going gray. >> i wanted to match my looks with my experience and time on the planet. >> but gray hair tonight head
6:53 pm
doesn't stop mischief in the heart. >> one time during commercial break dana king taught me how to put my fist in my mouth. >> tonight set, in the field or in the newsroom, there is no one like dana. >> she comes in and likes to tap her little foot. she has things to say. afghanistan, iraq, jordan. >> some of the most tense times in those countries were not with the gorillas, not with the rebel forces, but with day ma. >> she will stand in the freezing cold if that is what it takes. she will hike into a village where there are no roads. in the middle of the night she will help you get a again coout of your room. >> when -- gecko out of your room. >> when i shot something contrary to what you wanted there were literally daggers shooting out of your eyes. later you paid i was really part smart, very talented and i drove you crazy and it reminded
6:54 pm
you of your brother. >> dana, daneer, thousands of producers and shows i have been the voice inside your head. time to fade to black one more time. congratulations. >> there will never be another dana king. we're so proud and we're not alone. >> congratulations, mom. very proud of you. thank you for getting me to where i'm ated to. >> hi mom. just want today say congratulations and i'm very proud of you and i love your. >> we'll miss you, dana. >> you guys are in trouble. >> uh-oh. >> i only have one box of tissues. >> these lovely people are the reason i have gray hair. stephanie john put that tape together. we traveled to rhiwanda. the children loved her and want today touch her because she was so white. [laughter]
6:55 pm
you all mean the world to me, and i have been the luckiest woman in the world. i wish that careers were like mine going forward, but the business is changing and i'm so grateful that i have this opportunity to share my career and share my time with all of you, and i will miss you all. i feel like dorothy. >> okay. but this career is ending but another one is begoing. as with most talented people, they are not talented in one area alone. i want to show some of your artwork and from your website. can i tip that, too. dana this is some of your work it's beautiful. >> thank you very much. i have loved every minute of job i have had for the past 25 years, i feel this pull toward
6:56 pm
creating art. because, you know, we tell stories that last a minute, 33 minutes, maybe, but art can last a lifetime. i want to tell stories with my art. >> is that allen? [laughter] >> you know, i was just wondering. >> she pestered me and pestered me. >> i was just asking. >> you see why i love them. >> we have been together longer than most your mar annals. >> have we? >> she did put a plural on that didn't she? >> it's all been good. i have been blessed. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thanks, dana [ cheers and applause ] >> great. she's back at 11:00. >> yeah. for news throughout the evening, the latest always on cbssf doing we will be talking
6:57 pm
about it at 10:00 at 11:00 own cbs 5. >> oh, no. >> always promote the next newscast. did you learn nothing. >> i will be puffy from crying. thank you. >> good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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